Motor Lamination
High Efficiency Induction Motor Core

IE2 - IE4 Induction Motor Core

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Product applications: Blowers, pumps, hydraulic press, waterwheels, reducers, treadmills and other products.
MC 90x47
MC 110x50
MC 110x55
MC 110x65
MC 110x70
MC 114x52.15
MC 114x53
MC 114x55
MC 114x70
MC 125x65
MC 125x75
MC 135x85
MC 140x75
MC 140x85
MC 160x85
MC 160x95
MC 160x100
MC 180x95
MC 180x110
MC 190x108
MC 190x120
MC 220x120
MC 220x135
MC 220x145
MC 260x145
MC 260x165
MC 260x175
MC 300x170
MC 300x190
MC 330x210
MC 360x230
MC 400x260